The Increasing Popularity of Ugly Christmas Sweaters: Tis The Season to Party!

Ugly Christmas SweatersUgly Christmas sweaters started out as an objects of ridicule and embarrassment, a gift you wished you had never received, but today people are embracing and celebrating the ugly Christmas sweater and jumpers.
The comeback of the tacky Christmas sweater can be credited to younger men, this seasonal fashion trend is no longer limited to guys as  women are also embracing the comeback of the over the top sweater trend.
The tacky Christmas sweater has become a good reason to have a party and ugly Christmas parties are at an all-time high in popularity. CLICK HERE - Ugly Christmas Sweaters Sale

Ugly Christmas sweater themed parties have become very chic and highly planned events with organizers sending out formal ugly sweater party invitations. Ugly sweater pub crawls are becoming very popular and require very little pre-planning.  More and more people are using the Christmas sweater and all it’s over the top glory as a reason to have a party.

The company Christmas Party is the perfect event for showing off memorable 1980’s Christmas fashion sweaters – shoulder pads no longer required.  If you don’t have one of these knitted treasures in your closet, you can easily order an ugly Christmas sweater from a number of online merchants providing ugly Christmas sweaters sales  – some offer 2-day delivery.
Christmas sweaters are available in a wide variety of styles and themes, some are very affordable in the $20-$30 ranging with higher end sweaters going from $40-$120.
Order a Seattle Seahawks Ugly Christmas Sweater
A very recent addition to the ugly sweater trend is the sports team ugly Christmas sweaters.   These sweaters have been licensed by the various sports leagues and are flying off the shelves.  So now you can celebrate in all the festivities of the tacky Christmas sweater attire while supporting your favorite NBA, NFL or NHL sports team.

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The ugly Christmas sweater party has spread from coast to coast and the number is growing.  Here are just a few of the parties organized across the US and Canada:
Fort McMurray Festival of Trees Events
Ugly Christmas sweater party Vancouver at the Commodore
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Tucson AZ
Mutt Lynch Ugly Sweater Contest Sonoma Humane Society
Howliday Party Hotel Indigo Canine Cocktails
Colorado Springs Ugly Christmas Sweater 5k on Facebook
Atlanta Ugly Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl
Chicago Christmas Crawl
The Tasting Room Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Peoria Ugly Christmas Sweater 5K
Tropics Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Ugly Sweater Run Indianapolis
Mad Apply Crossfit Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Makers Mark Ugly Christmas Sweater Party at JDI
St. Paul Santa Crawl
Ugly Sweater Crawl Minneapolis
Ugly Christmas Pparty at Tower Tavern Kansas City
Communities in Schools of Randolph Tacky Sweater Party
DERF Magaizine Ugly Sweater Party at The Stand
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Jergels Rhythm Grill
Museum of the Southwest Ugly Christmas Sweater 5K
Franklin Ugly Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl
Ugly Christmas sweater party in Killington at the Foundry
Codys Annual ugly Christmas Sweater Party
Derryfield Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Manchester NH
Howl at the Moon Ugly Sweater Party
IHeartRadio ProjectUugly Christmas Sweater
Portland Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Crohns Foundation
The Christmas crawl Washington DC
The Ugly Sweater Run
Ugly Christmas Sweater 5K Mamrelund Lutheran Church
Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Conor Oneills Ann Arbor
Ugly Christmas sweater party Icehouse Midway Dallas
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