Cable or Satelite? Here's Your Options

tvsetThe great debate, Cable or Satelite, what is the best option. Which do you choose? Which has the better offers and channels? For many years this has always been one of the big comparisons when it came to television, figuring out just which one you should purchase. The main method used in America is of course cable. Millions of americans use cable to watch tv, however satellites are on the rise and getting very popular, also another rising option is internet devices… we’ll leave that one for another article though.
In the beginning, satellites were all around inferior. They were more expensive, they would cut out due to bad weather, their picture quality was not as good and they offered fewer channel options. However over the years these flaws have been mostly ironed out and even in some cases, they are now better then cable.
Reliability: It is a common myth that satellite tv will fail during storms and other bad weather. This myth comes from the early days when it was happening, I had used satellite tv around a decade ago and it would seem that the slightest cloud cover would possible cut out the service. But with the improvements to technology, anything short of a class 5 hurricane will not ruin your reception. So satellite tv is just as reliable as cable in this day and age.
Affordability: Cost is another huge factor between cable and satellite tv. In the beginning cable was significantly cheaper, but just like it’s reliability, it’s price has been greatly affected by the improvements as well as more providers hitting the market. Prices will be different depending on which company you are using and where you live, but for the most part satellite tv tends to be pretty even with cable, although in some cases it can even be a little cheaper.
Channels: When it comes down to Cable or Satellite best options, channels play a huge role in deciding which direction to go. Cable and Satellite tv tend to offer pretty much the same number of channels, although satellite tv can offer more channels depending on your service. Satellite tv also offers more HD channels if that is what you are looking for, but cable is rapidly catching up. Essentially when it comes to channels both services offer pretty even base options, but with Satellite, you can dive deeper into a more channel selection if you are willing to spend more.
Cable and Satellite are constantly competing for the position of top dog in the tv market, and while they are pretty neck and neck, it is clear who is pulling ahead. If you are looking for the best service available with the most channels and highest quality for a cheap price, satellite is probably the way to go. Cable hasn’t seen the advancements that the Satellite has so that has helped in its user base decline.
With technology improving more and more, Cable or Satelite best options start to lean more in satellite’s favor. As I mentioned earlier, in the beginning satellites were pretty terrible, but just a few years later they have greatly improved to the point where they are even better than cable, even if only by a small margin.
The world is going wireless, as you can see all around you, and cable is getting phased out as time goes on. With satellite tv offering everything cable has and more, it is no surprise why millions of americans switch to it every year. So if you have the money, the inclination, and the desire to get the most out of your television, satellite is for you. At the end of the day both are solid options and the decision truly does come down to each households individual needs. The best part is there is no wrong choice here, they both get the job done!

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