How To Know Mr Right, Inside Details

mr-rightWe all know that no one is perfect. So when you are on your search for your own Mr. Right, you can’t expect someone who is flawless, but you can expect someone who is perfect…for you. Do yourself a favor before you start your journey, take some time and spend it on yourself. Make sure you are a secure confidant person who knows who she is and what she wants. Once you’re at that place, you will find that you will attract an awful lot of great guys since ‘like attracts like’. Once you’ve started to meet people and find someone, here are some things to follow to determine how to know if it’s right.
1. What types of qualities are important to you? Is honesty, humor, sensitivity, etc. what you’d want in a mate? First you need to know what traits you would want in a man. That may sound obvious, but most people don’t take the time to think about that and really mull it over. Don’t expect your man to have every single one of these traits, but as long as he has most of them to some degree that is a good sign that you’ve found someone you could be happy with for the long term.
2. One trait that probably wasn’t on your Mr. Right wish list was manipulative. If your new guy tries to control you, and you have to be careful since it can sometimes be very subtle, then my guess would be you wouldn’t be happy with someone like that for the rest of your life. Try and detect this as soon as possible, its much easier to cut off at the start then cutting off a relationship that has been long.
3. Most women think of Mr. Right as someone they would want to marry and start a family with. You don’t want to rush it, but at some point early in the relationship there is nothing wrong with asking him what he wants in his future. It should be out in the open. When you ask that question don’t make it about you or your relationship, but make it more on generic or general terms. For example, you could casually ask if he thinks he’ll have kids some day. That’s not an unreasonable question to ask, though you should probably wait until you’ve dated a few times and maybe make sure the situation fits.
A quality type of guy would probably answer that question with something like: ” Sure, some day I’d love to get married and have a family”, or something to that effect.
If a guy gets overly sensitive or defensive to that simple question than more than likely he really isn’t looking for that type of relationship with you and you might want to consider looking elsewhere.
Just remember that finding Mr. Right doesn’t have to happen in a specific timeframe, it will probably happen when you least expect it. But do yourself a favor, make sure you keep your eyes open and that you see what is really there and not just what you want to be there. To often women will settle for Mr. Wrong because they pretended he was Mr. Right. Follow this advice and you will know how to know Mr Right when you meet him!

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